A simple security measure

In the light of the Ashley Madison hack, a very simple security measure popped up and it's something that can be easily fixed by any website owner in order to increase the privacy of their users. This measure is the consistency of the message received on the forgot password page.

Most of the websites return an error message if the email entered in the forgot password page form is not found in the database, or a success message if the email is found, which is a very simple way of finding if someone uses a certain website just by knowing their email address. Sure, people might have multiple emails, but this might still be a disaster waiting to happen if somebody's spouse checks their significant other's email address in one of the dating websites.

The simple solution is to return exactly the same message when an email is submitted, and deciding in the backend what action needs to be taken in each case.

Pumped up

I ran 10km this morning almost with no effort, double of what I usually run. That's the kind of energy I got after spending 3 days in the mountains. Now I'm all pumped up and ready for the week ahead.

Făgăraș adventure

The beginning of March is the time when most people can't wait to get a glimpse of the spring flowers and a bit of sun. Not for the hardcore people at Lateral, who planned the coolest adventure so far this year, a trip to the Făgăraș Mountains. We had our fair share of blinding sunlight, subzero temperatures and plenty of snow.

Făgăraș Mountains

Făgăraș Mountains

The mountains give you a special kind of energy that keeps your batteries charged for a long while. Each cliff that you climb is a challenge and keeps you focused, you find strenght and energy in yourself you didn't know you had. Reaching the top gives you a sense of accomplishment that lingers on and makes you mentally fitter for the everyday routine.

Back to basics

Starting from today my website is a single static html page hosted on Dropbox. This article was written in a code editor and as soon as I hit save, my website was updated. I felt I needed to do this, remove as many barriers as possible between writing and publishing.

I told my colleagues about it and some of them laughed at the idea. Here it is guys and since it's friday, I'm going to hit the pub with my programmer friends and talk web stuff and drink a few beers. Cheers!